Kathy Carlson CFDE

Western Forensic Document Examiner

Initial Consultation No Charge
General Retainer Fee $2400.00
Verbal Opinion (per questioned document or signature) $395.00
Upgrade from Verbal to Written (already paid $395.00). . (per letter)  $395.00
 Each Additional Document  $100.00
 Laboratory Examination Time (hourly)  $300.00
 Designation Fee (Non-refundable, however will be applied to testimony fee if applicable)  $500.00

All Depositions & Telephonic Testimony – 4 hour minimum @ $300.00 per hour

Attorney Consultation (hourly rate) $300.00
Deposition Time (For Colorado & Utah) Must be paid in advance $1500.00
Outside Colorado or Utah $1700.00
Court Display Preparation (hourly) $150.00
Court Appearance (per day). (must be paid in full upon scheduling) (Non-Refundable) $1500.00
  Outside Colorado or Utah $1700.00
Telephonic Testimony $1000.00
  Outside Colorado or Utah $1100.00
On-Site Inspection of Document (hourly, plus expenses) $300.00
Photography (plus cost of development) $300.00
Overnight Mail ($50) $50.00
Postage/Delivery 2nd Day ($30) $30.00
Postage/Delivery Fee Ground ($25) $25.00
Postage/Delivery Fee ($5) $5.00


Driving (hourly, plus $.75 per mile) $150.00
Flying (hourly travel time – portal to portal, plus cost of ticket) $150.00
Lodging (per night or actual cost) $150.00
Meals (daily) $50.00
Daily Rate (additional days away from office) $2400.00

Any Rush Fee will be charged an extra 100% for weekends and holidays.
Any Rush Fee will be charged an extra 50% for regular work week.
Rush Fees are any case needed within 12-24 hours.

*We are not attorneys. We do not dispense legal advice. You should obtain legal advice from a suitable attorney.